Time for a Pentax K10D?

Pentax has released a new Lethal Weapon K10D in stores, at a price of RM 3265, you can get 10.2MP, Shake Reduction, Dust Removal System, 2.5 LCD,

SAFOX VIII 11-point auto focus (9 cross-type sensors) system with single and continuous AF, 72 seals to protect from weather. The Li-ion battery are the same as Konica Minolta NP-400.

What interest more is Pentax is the only company do a Fast Wide Angle for Digital 1.5x crop format, like the 14mm f2.8 as below

With 16-50 DA* f2.8, 50-135 DA* f2.8 , 60-250 DA* f4 coming in March 2007, the Pentax Camp will be even more attractive. The lens development roadmap is here.

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