Singapore outing?

Was chatting with thorrey about the KTM trip we have been thinking for a while and this idea came to us

Instead of working on the KTM station to station hop outing, which I later found out that its going to be very costly, easily talking about RM 150 – 200 per person only for the ticket cost and thats excluding the accomodation and foods.

Then, thorrey was asking why not we go for a trip to Singapore instead, by bus, stay for 2-3 days, meet some Singaporeans photographers (probably source some from Clubsnap), a model shooting and a city-landscape-travel photo outing as well, not forgeting to shoping if u wish.

Its still in early stage and we havent come out with any proper plans, and if you were interested to tag along (at ur own expenses of coz), please feel free to tell me, you can do so in the comments, or tell me in person tonight if you were joing us.

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